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aVenco Celebrates Success at PLMA 2023 in Chicago

Bowmanville, Canada- November 17, 2023 - aVenco, a global leader in converting parchment paper and other eco-friendly materials, is pleased with its successful participation in the recent Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Fair held in Chicago. The event, which took place from November 12-14, provided an excellent platform for aVenco to showcase its cutting-edge and sustainable packaging solutions.

The aVenco booth experienced a remarkable influx of visitors, demonstrating the industry's enthusiasm for our innovative and eco-friendly offerings.

"We are truly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we received at the PLMA Fair," said Dawn Tisdell, Vice-president of Sales. "The enthusiastic engagement from attendees is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to innovate and deliver high-quality-sustainable packaging solutions that set new standards in our industry."

As a company dedicated to innovation and sustainability, aVenco is thrilled to be at the forefront of industry trends. PLMA 2023 provided a unique opportunity to highlight our commitment to excellence and showcase our range of products designed to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market. The positive interactions with attendees underscore the promising future that lies ahead as aVenco continues to establish itself as a prominent player in the industry.

“We were delighted to engage with a diverse audience that showed genuine interest and excitement towards our eco-friendly and biodegradable products for baking and air frying applications. The positive reception at the fair for our new bioplastic bags reaffirms our commitment to extending our portfolio and delivering high-quality products that resonate with the evolving needs of consumers,” added Alizee Degorce, Head of Marketing for aVenco.

aVenco extends its sincere appreciation to all visitors, partners, and stakeholders who contributed to the success of our presence at the PLMA Fair. This event marks a significant milestone for aVenco and we look forward to building on this success as we embark on an exciting journey towards becoming a leading force in the parchment baking paper sector.

For more information about aVenco and its product offerings, please visit

About aVenco: aVenco is a global leader in converting parchment papers and other eco-friendly materials. As a majority women-owned enterprise, aVenco is deeply committed to sustainability and innovation. The company operates two strategically positioned manufacturing facilities with an annual production capacity of 20 million units. As a subsidiary of Avere Corporation and an exclusive distributor of Primabake Life, aVenco delivers top-quality, environmentally responsible parchment paper products to customers worldwide.

Avenco Ltd, 240 Simpson Avenue Unit F, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada


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