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aVenco Unveils Revolutionary Sustainable Parchment Baking Paper at PLMA 2023

Bowmanville, Canada – November 8, 2023 – aVenco, a global leader in converting parchment papers and other eco-friendly materials, proudly announces the launching of its groundbreaking Sheet-on-Roll (SOR) product at PLMA 2023. This product marks a significant leap in eco-friendliness and convenience, setting a new standard for parchment baking paper rolls in the North American market.

aVenco is deeply committed to sourcing and producing environmentally responsible parchment baking paper.

"In our pursuit to reduce the carbon footprint of our product while upholding unwavering quality and performance standards, we've reimagined our packaging. We've eliminated the core and metal cutting edge and have chosen Primabake life, a standard of sustainability in parchment paper production," stated Kathy Chapman, the newly appointed President of aVenco Ltd. She further underlined that, "unlike traditional parchment baking paper rolls, both the packaging and paper used for our Sheet-on-Roll products are 100% compostable and recyclable, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious consumer preferences."

Dawn Tisdell, Vice President of Sales, extolled the Sheet-on-Roll's innovative and convenient design. "This product redefines convenience by housing up to 40 pre-cut sheets within the parchment 'roll.' Consumers can effortlessly extract a pre-cut sheet from the convenient box and place it directly on the cooking tray without the need for cutting. Furthermore, it's a safer choice, with the removal of sharp cutting edges on the packaging and the use of Primabake Life, a premium parchment paper tailor-made for baking applications", she emphasized.

aVenco’ s steadfast commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with the global surge in demand for eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging solutions.

"Customers can anticipate parchment paper products that not only meet their performance demands but also echo their values in terms of sustainability," added the VP of sales.

For more details about aVenco and its product offerings, please visit

About aVenco: aVenco is a global leader in converting parchment baking papers and other eco-friendly materials. As a women-majority-owned enterprise, aVenco is deeply committed to sustainability and innovation. The company operates two strategically positioned manufacturing facilities with an annual production capacity of 20 million units. As a subsidiary of Avere Corporation and an exclusive distributor of Primabake Life, aVenco delivers top-quality, environmentally responsible parchment paper products to customers worldwide.


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