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Clean Frying

When frying becomes cleaner in all aspects thanks to the pan paper and soaking methods

Unleash your culinary creativity with the secrets of a pro and enjoy the best dishes while staying clean in the process.

Opting for healthier meals can be a difficult process. We decided to show you that adopting a better lifestyle does not necessarily mean cutting out on all of your favorites as you might just need some creativity to simply adapt your cooking technique.

Using our soakable parchment paper we extend its potential to recipes ranging from our morning eggs, to our burger patties or cravings for Asian cuisine.

  1. Take a sheet of aVenco's parchment baking paper, soak it with water and remove the excess liquid by pressing it down like a sponge

  2. Gently unfold your paper and place it into your pan

  3. Thanks to our parchment baking paper's non-sticking properties get ready to cook any sort of dish (meat, fish, veggies, gnocchis...) requiring very little cooking fats and spending very little cleaning as it holds unwanted residues.

Enjoy a perfectly cooked meal that does not require any additional cooking time, does not involve an infinite number of tools, and that won't transform the cleaning of your pan into a kitchen nightmare.

Make your life easier and choose aVenco's soakable parchment baking paper

Power in Facts

Friendly Use

Non-stick, Easy Clean
Environment Friendly

Astonishing Dishes At No Cost

Unleash your potential 

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