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Enhance Your Cooking Experience

aVenco is a women-majority-owned North American converter of parchment paper rolls and an expert in sourcing and distributing sustainable and innovative packaging for private-label brands

Our Customers 

Our customers are retailers with powerful private label brands, committed to optimizing costs without compromising exceptional quality and dedicated to minimizing their ecological footprint.

Our customers are also distributors and wholesalers looking for a local partner that can offer a brand and service of excellence for their packaging needs. For them, Avenco has developed MyParchment™, a unique range of parchment paper rolls.

Parchment Baking Paper, Bioplastic Bags & MyParchment™

Discover our premium parchment baking paper, our bioplastic bags and newly released baking paper brand, and how they are the most sustainable and cost-effective solution on the North-American market

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Unleash Your Potential:
Soak it, Shape it, Bake it!

Get ready enhance your cooking experience 


Find exclusive recipes and content to make the most out of your time in the kitchen 


Soak it, Shape it, Bake it!
Get all the secrets on how to make your life easy with our completely soakable and malleable parchment baking paper. 

Parchment Baking Pape Roll

Let our baking paper inspire you and get ready to be hungry!

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