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Baking Paper

Where health & sustainability meet affordability, aVenco sets the gold standard in North America


The Only Baking Paper You Need 

Our parchment paper products are the most sustainable and cost-effective solution in the North American market. The packaging has been optimized to remove the core and metal cutting edge.  


Offered in small rolls or as sheet-on-roll for convenience (SOR), our parchment paper products are all manufactured using Primabake Life, a parchment paper made in Europe that adheres to the highest quality and certification standards. Unlike many other parchment papers in North America, Primabake Life is both recyclable and compostable, does not contain PFAS, and is only made using virgin pulp and FDA-approved silicone (Toluene free).

Baking Papers Trusted Worldwide 

Primabake Life is adopted by most brand owners and private labels in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and is already used by numerous professionals in the pan-liner industry in North America. Primabake Life is offered in a large variety of basis weight, shades, and release-level performance to meet all customer needs.


Roll Capability
Sheet on Roll Capability
up to 18’’
Up to 18’’
up to 164’’
No max
No core
No core; up to 40 sheets
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