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Soak it, Shape it, Bake it !

Make your life easier in the kitchen and use the soaking method to shape your parchment paper according to YOUR needs!

Discover the secret to effortless delicious meals with our revolutionary cooking method!

While parchment baking paper has gained increasing popularity in the recent years, many people are still unware of all the ways in which this utensil can become their greatest companion in the kitchen. Say goodbye to complicated cutting and shaping to try to make your parchment baking paper fit your dish, and get ready to elevate your culinary game with our soakable paper

that promises to bring out the bold and perfect textures to your dish.

Introducing the Soaking Method, a simple yet innovative technique, that will change the way you think about cooking no matter whether you are looking to make 5 star dish or just a nice homecooked meal.

Ready to take part in the experience ?

  1. Grab a sheet of aVenco's parchment baking paper

  2. Soak it with water and press it down like a sponge to remove the excess liquid

  3. Gently unfold your parchment paper and get ready to shape it to your convenience so that it fits into any kind of dish

  4. Pour in your preparation and bake away with no additional time required

  5. Enjoy a perfectly baked meal that is easily removable from its tin and does not leave any unwanted residue behind thanks the great non-sticking properties of aVenco's parchment baking paper

Bon appetit !

Power in Facts

Easy fit
Completely Malleable

Easy Clean
Environment Friendly

Perfectly Cooked Meals

Unleash your potential 

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